Why Network?

Their is no question about the fact that a computer network pays for itself in additional productive time and lowered cost of doing business.
Every business has different needs, from the most basic design to large corporate networks.  Even the most basic network can save time and money. 
Vector Configurations take a personal approach to system design by carefully examining your business needs and offering you custom tailored solutions.
Besides network installations, we also offer network support. 
Your support plan should Look beyond the hardware and PC vendors; too choose a reliable supplier who can provide all the services you need. 

Use the checklist below when evaluating support programs.

                 Do you want help assessing your system needs?
                 Do you need configuration design help?
  Do you require on-site and/or remote support?
                Will your staff need training?
                Does your business require custom or specialized applications?
                Do you need help with network design, installation and system administration?
                Would you like help planning for present and future need?

If your answer is 'yes' to any of these questions and you live and/or own a Company in the greater Rochester, Michigan area: call 248.212.3875  or contact us  

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